Mini Circular Saw Review: DWE575SB vs DCS391B

Which mini circular saw is Better?

These are some of the best options for a mini circular saw. In this Dewalt DWE575SB vs DCS391B article we will compare these two circular saw side by side. These two saw are from the same manufacturer Dewalt.

Dewalt is one of the most popular power tools brand because of its performance. So let us go straight to our comparison review.

DWE575SB vs DCS391B mini circular saw

Mini Circular SawDWE575SB is a corded circular saw. This means that you are restricted with a cord. It is true that corded power tools are more powerful than cordless ones. Having a corded one will free you from worry of being halted in a middle of a cut. Only downside is you may find yourself needing an extension cord from time to time.

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Mini Circular SawDCS391B on the other hand is a cordless small circular saw. It runs off from a 20V rechargeable lithium ion battery. Going without cords opens to more scenario and makes you work more freely. you can go anywhere with it and do a job. The kit does not include a battery and a charging kit.

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It is really obvious that having a cordless saw is an advantage because you can go anywhere to work with it. Your work time is limited though on how much your battery has. The Corded DWE575SB has no restriction when it comes to power. You really need a reliable extension cord to provide you more range. It is really up to personal preference on which you want to use. These Dewalt saws are definitely some of the best small circular saws you can own.